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PRO Tank Bags

The PRO tank bags offer elegant and timeless design together with durable materials and sophisticated product features: Ballistic nylon material protects the luggage against shocks, wind and weather. The top made of laminated EVA material gives the bags a distinctive shape and, along with a MOLLE attachment, ensures a secure hold for smartphone and tablet holders.

The factory-fitted upper ring guide rail allows for the tank bag to adapt to the shape of the tank and the ergonomic needs of the driver much more easily. Only the PRO tank bags offer this flexibility.

Matching this, SW-MOTECH offers the patented PRO tank rings made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. They are made to match the motorcycle model. The robust PRO tank ring with magnetic guide aid secures the PRO tank bags with a mechanical snap lock. This allows the tank bags to be attached or removed with just one hand.



PRO Tank Bags
Pro City Tank Bag
£164.26 £156.01
Pro Daypack Tank Bag
£115.86 £110.04
Pro Engage Tank Bag
£128.74 £122.27
Pro GS Tank Bag
£197.16 £187.26
Pro Micro Tank Bag
£81.53 £77.44
Pro Sport Tank Bag
£167.35 £158.95
Pro Trial Tank Bag
£171.65 £163.03